Figure 6.8b - Bohyo at Osutaka-no-One

Partly renewed bohyo

Ken Miyajima's bohyo

Many bohyo and a crucifix in the area around Sugeno-sawa

Memorial for two foreigners

A large stone memorial

Bohyo with no name visible on it

Buddhist memorial stone

Flower, drink and cigarette left by a bohyo

The faded original bohyo, next to the original metal post and tag, together with a stone bohyo

Rice left in front of the stone bohyo which has a stone baseball cap on it

A magazine left in front of a bohyo

A recent baby photo left by the bohyo

'One for all, all for one' - Keiko Kawakami's family's bohyo

A tea cup left by the memorial

A photo built into the bohyo

A shrine

Clothing left on a post next to the bohyo

A large memorial with a toy JAL plane left on it

A selection of food left

Text discussing the causing of the crash left in front of the bohyo

Ornamental flowers and a ceramic dog left by the bohyo

A Disney-style dwarf

Buddhist stone memorial for one victim next to a more conventional wooden bohyo with its original metal post next to it

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